Mini cocktail dress is the dress girls wear to the cocktail. This kind of dress is the style between the normal dress in the day time and the evening dress. This kind of dress is not so formal. The main color of the dress is black. And the white pink or gold color is also good. There always some sequins or rhinestone on the dress. And this kind of dress is a little sexy. But the evening dress is more sexy than the cocktail dress.

Mini cocktail dress is not only elegant but also convenient. So it will soon pop up around the world. And It is very fashion and popular in the whole word. It also has become an indispensable part of the garment in the female.

First, Cocktail dress and formal evening dress

Cocktail dress is also more emphasis on relaxed and comfortable. It unlike formal evening dress as dignified and serious. So cocktail dress can not wear to the big party or banquet. If we talk about the style. Than the mini cocktail dress is more subtle and elegant than the formal evening dress.

Unique Gorgeous Sweetheart Royal Blue Organza Royal Blue Cocktail Dress

Second, Collocation of Mini cocktail dress

Mini cocktail dress fabrics are mostly made with natural silk. Synthetic fibers. Brocade fabric and some nice colors. Mini cocktail dress usually with some nice jewelry. Like this ornament earrings and necklaces. More easily be able to highlight your lovely personality and temperament. Another thing is very important. That's what you wear shoes. Shoes decorative feeling very strong. Likely it will decide the extent you put on the charm mini cocktail dress. With shoes, then it should choose high gloss shoes. Give people a strong impression. If it is for you, then more formal occasions. Should choose bright colors. Shiny shoes. The exposed portion of the foot can also.

Mini cocktail dress represents your personality and determine your taste. So when you choose the cocktail dress, then you have to be cautious.