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Ornately Vintage Tiffany Lamps-A Must for Every Traditional Home

Le 21 November 2015, 07:32 dans Humeurs 0

Are you a fan of vintage and antique items? And are you looking for a unique lamp for your home that will definitely catch the eyes of your family and friends? Well I have news for you- a beautiful Tiffany Lamps is what you probably need.

What’s A Tiffany Lamp?
If it’s the first time you have heard of vintage Tiffany Style Lamps, then a Tiffany Lamp is sure to be up on the list. The original Tiffany lamps were mosaic lamps with glass shades made with stained leaded glass. Highly-decorated and sophisticated made, these lampshades are cone or globe shaped and are a bit loose and organic. The designs are concentrated on botanicals-think dragonflies, butterflies, daffodils and feathers- to name a few. Vivid colors characterize original Tiffany lamps and became one of their famous trademarks. Originals are created between the years 1890’s to 1930’s.

Tiffany Style Lamps

But Wait, Who’s Tiffany?
Louis Comfort Tiffany, an American artist and designer, was the brainchild and original maker of Tiffany Lamps. He and his design studio conceptualized the unique and colorful designs of the lamps. According to research, his head designer named Clara Driscoll was also responsible for the production of Tiffany lamp’s vivid designs.

How Are The Lamps Produced?
Every lamp was handmade by skilled craftsmen and follows a rigorous process in which the pattern for the lamp is laid out, the glass is traced onto it, the pieces are cut and bonded using a special copper foil method, and finally the finished product is done. None of the original Tiffany lamps were mass-produced-all were originally crafted from scratch.

How Can I Acquire One?
Authentic Tiffany lamps can be rare now, as they carry a really high price tag and most museums already have them for safekeeping. If you want to acquire an authentic, vintage Tiffany lamp, be sure to go to an expert appraiser or a trusted antiques store who can help you spot the real ones from a fake. But if you just want a similarly designed mosaic lamp, there are lot of retailers that carry reproductions of the Tiffany lamp at a fraction of the price. It’s a more practical way of owning a beautiful Tiffany-style lamp without having to shell out a large amount of your bucks.

So go out and shop for your very own Tiffany lamp. The designs are rusticly ornate, the quality is great-what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Bedside Lamps

Necessary table lamps for the young people

Le 31 August 2015, 09:21 dans Humeurs 0

Nowadays there are many young people who likes special style, that could be in the dressing and clothes, the living condition could be classic and fashion, if you notice more, you would find the special table lamps at home, there are various table lamps, what are the suitable for the wrought iron table lamps, that could add the culture charming for your house, that could be best method. Next we will have a brief description about Large Wrought Iron Chandeliers.

Table lamps are petite and cute, adjustable pole would be designed for study room, layout would be cute and petite, adjustable pole could be convenient for the height, that could let the light change around the strong practical.

Large Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Wrought iron lamps could be designed with unique and special material, which involves plenty art charming and pretty, no matter we like timeless and characters, wrought iron lights would be pretty. The wrought iron table lamps are pretty and elegant.

Large Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Many living condition would satisfy the wrought iron table lamps, that could add atmosphere. Just like the designer saying, wrought iron lamps would be the the most fascinating flirt division room, without it, books and tea would be very lonely. We could see that needs the atmosphere for anything. But light and shadow would create the atmosphere. Today we shows the table lamps made of wrought iron material, it is different in the style, we could choose according to our own like.

What are the wall sconces?

Le 29 July 2015, 11:55 dans Humeurs 0

Wall sconces could be installed in the wall sconces, in general, the white glass shade could be with the glass shade, if bulb is in the wall sconces, which could be equipped with the wall sconces, which could be proper for bedroom. There are many styles and kinds of wall sconces, in general, there are ceiling lights, wall sconces, bedside lamps and mirror light.

Wall sconces could be used for balcony, stairs and bedroom, which could be used for the long lights, color wall sconces could be used for holiday and bedroom, wall sconces could be equipped with the right of the bed, the lamps could be turned freely, the light could be focused on, which could be convenient for our reading, mirror wall sconces could be used in the bathroom.

wall sconce lighting

Wall sconces could be not over 1.8 meters, wall sconce lighting could not be too big in the bathroom, which could be with art charming, shade choice could be decided according to the wall colors, white or yellow shade could be equipped with pale green and blue shade, turquoise and baby blue wall could be with white and tan shade, then the wall color with the wall sconces, would give us the elegant charming.

When we connect the wire, we had better choose pale color, which could be equipped with same color, which could ensure the neat. In addition to, we also could dip the hole, which could be used to put the wire, at last, coat the dip with same color.

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